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Madrigal + Lopez Architecture

"Your Dreams and Vision Unite Us"

Madrigal + Lopez Architecture

Our humble beginnings

Madrigal + Lopez Architecture is a multi-disciplinary company founded in 2021 by a group of young and highly creative professionals headed by Ar. Danilo Madrigal III and Ar.Joelene Lopez both graduates from the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City, in 2017.

Ar. Danilo started his career as Junior Architect in a Design and Build Company in Manila before exploring his professional practice in Dubai as an Architectural Designer that broaden his understanding of different cultures, appreciation for arts, and deepened knowledge of global architectural trends.

On the other hand, Ar. Joelene worked as Project Architect in a Triple-A (AAA) construction company where she focuses on residential and commercial developments under a special design group. After passing the board exam, she spent her years in a top-notch international and globally known firm based in Dubai before starting her own practice with her partner, Ar. Danilo, as the CEO of Madrigal + Lopez Architecture.

Madrigal + Lopez Architecture

Even though they are a thousand miles apart from each other, working together is not a problem with technology's help, as we live in a generation connected like never before.

With shared grit, principles, love, passion, talent, and goals, these young professionals envision a top-tier design and build firm in the country, providing a cost-efficient & safe shelter yet uncompromised quality for every Filipino family

"Your Dreams and Vision Unite Us"
...Are you ready?



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